Potential Tehkeys

So, you are interested in being a Tehkey? Well, we may very well be interested in you. If you are truly interested in helping our clients with technology issues, feel free to email us a resume and a cover letter espousing your greatness. (Hint, especially creative and interesting submissions catch our eye quicker than the standard boring employment application fare.) Also, and in all honesty more importantly, you'll need to show us a set of skills relating to the work that we do, or to work that we need done.

Another way to introduce yourself to us is to participate in our forums. If you are an expert on a subject someone in our forums needs help with, you are welcome to help them. Just make sure your advice is accurate and helpful. Otherwise, please understand, we are not interested in inaccurate and unhelpful people.

We hire as demand dictates it. Please let us call you. If you do not hear from us it does not mean we are not interested in you. It does mean that we are not currently interviewing.