Tehkeys' Frequently Asked Questions

How do your service costs compare with your competitors?

Generally we are able to complete our work significantly quicker than our competitors, and so we believe we are a more affordable option. If you have any concerns regarding the overall cost of service, just ask us for a service quote. We will stand by it, or come in under it. (Also, currently, we are discounting each full hour of labor by 30%.)

Why don't you have a retail store?

Currently the cost of opening a retail store is not a financially viable option. However, our goal is to open a Tehkeys retail store in 2014.

If you don't have a retail store, where do I bring my equipment that needs service?

We provide free pickup and delivery. We will come to your home or office to pick up equipment that needs service.

How long does it usually take to complete service work?

This depends on our work load and the type of repair. We can generally give you a pretty good idea on the time frame for the repair when we talk to you about what needs to be done. Repairs can be as quick as the same day, or take up to a week or two if parts are not available. We can also do expedited repairs, but there is an added cost.

Why should I use your Best Deal Service?

Tehkeys is well versed in the current pricing of electronics. If you simply stop in at Best Mart, or Wal Buy, and make your purchase, you are rarely getting the best deal possible. Have us do your shopping for you and we will generally find it cheaper. Sometimes as much as 20 to 30 percent cheaper. For example, say you are looking for this Seagate Hard Drive, Tehkeys could have gotten it for you on March 3rd, 2013 for $99.99. (The deal only lasted for about two hours.) We would have charged you $10 for the service. You would have saved roughly 20% off of Best Buy's sale price, including our fee. The savings is even more pronounced on higher priced items. Our Best Deal Service fee is 20% of the actual savings. i.e. ((original price - deal price) x 20%)

Why would I pay you for pre-purchase consulting?

Tehkeys have a great deal of experience with technology and can advise you on finding the best possible solution. We are completely independent and will provide you recommendations without bias. In many cases our advice can save you hundreds of dollars. This can be from either showing you a solution that is less money than what you may have originally been looking at, or by keeping you from wasting money when the proper solution is actually a bit more money. When asking store associates for help (as much as they try to be your friend), they ultimately serve the store's interests and are heavily managed on making recommendations that profit the store. Right now, for a limited time, Pre-Purchase Consulting is free. So why not have us help?

What is a Tehkeys Store Special Order?

Tehkeys Store Special Orders are designed to help save you money. The Tehkeys Store generally contains deals we have found in the past that we offer to Tehkeys' clients. A Tehkeys Store special order is used when a client would like to purchase something from Tehkeys, instead of directly through an online retailer. We purchase the item, test it, and deliver it personally. We also handle any returns, exchanges, etc., so our client doesn't have to deal with it. We charge a flat 5% of the purchase total for the service. Tehkeys Store Special Orders can be authorized in advance when associated with our Best Deal Service. This allows us to jump on special deals by ordering the product immediately and there by securing the deal for you.

I have a question that wasn't answered here. What should I do?

Please feel free to give us a call, or you are welcome to ask us in our new forum. It is easy to sign in and post questions. This also benefits other Tehkeys clients who may have the same question.